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Each Harbor Steel location has invested in cutting and metalworking equipment designed to furnish you with precision pieces and parts ready for your final assembly. Below are some of the processes we perform in-house. Additionally, we are able to contract with some of our metal working customers to furnish even more first and second stage processing.


State of the art computer controlled oxyfuel multi-torch machines can provide close tolerance shapes to your specs. One piece or hundreds; Harbor Steel produces simple rings and discs or intricate shapes. We stock and cut plates up to 12″ thick.


Harbor Steel’s Multiple Lasers can cut carbon steel up to 1” thick, stainless steel up to ½” thick and aluminum up to ¼”. With our large tables we can laser cut sheets and plates up to 96” wide and 480” long.


Our modern Hi-Definition and conventional plasma cutting machines deliver precise parts. Send us your drawings or we can import your CAD files directly into our CAD/CAM system. We can Hi-Def plasma cut stainless and aluminum plate up to 1 3/4″ thick and carbon plate up to 2″.


Harbor Steel can produce virtually any shape from plate or sheet on our modern CNC equipment. Whether it’s carbon, alloy, stainless steel or aluminum we can cut close tolerance parts for your application. If you have a special shape to cut, all we need is your sketch or blueprint with clearly marked dimensions and tolerances.


Harbor Steel Shears and ironworks accurately cut everything from light gauge sheets to ½” plates, from narrow strips to 12’ wide plates we also shear flat bars, angles, rounds and rebar to close tolerance. If you don’t need a saw or flame cut edge, consider less expensive sheared edge.


We can cut to length everything we carry in stock and more! Our Various band saws are avaible to cut your requirements, whether simply cutting a piece in half for handling or producing hundreds or thousands of close tolerance parts on one of our automatic feed machines. We also have miter capabilities up to 40. Our largest was will handle rectangular loads up to 31.5” x 47.2” with 53’ of powered conveyors to feed and discharge material.


In addition to our capability to shear, flame cut, plasma cut and laser cut, harbor steel can also form on our multiple press brakes. Material up to 1/2” thick and 12 ‘ long.


With our two Blanchard/rotary grinders we can produce high quality flat plates to our customer’s requirements. We have the capacity in house to grind up to a 96” swing x 36” height.