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Tubing & Pipe

Squares (A500 and A513) :

from 3/8″ x 3/8″ to 16″ x 16″

Rectangulars (A500 and A513):

from 1″ x 1/2″ to 12″ x 18″

Round Mechanical Tubing (A500, A513, D.O.M., Electric Weld and Seamless):

from 1/4″ to 10” od

Structural Pipe (A500):

from 1/2″ through 12″

As a supplier of steel tubing products, Harbor Steel stocks many sizes, shapes, and grades.

Cold Drawn Seamless Tube is normally drawn to o.d. and i.d. dimensions. Certain sizes must be drawn to o.d. and wall dimensions.

Hot Finished Seamless Tube is produced to o.d. and wall dimensions.

Welded D.O.M. Tube is an electric welded tube with all weld flash removed. Tested for weld soundness, drawn over a mandrel and retested. This product is superior in finish and wall uniformity to seamless tubing. Normally drawn to o.d. and i.d. dimensions.

Electric Welded Tube is produced to o.d. and wall dimensions. This is the least expensive mechanical tubing. It is produced from low carbon steel and possesses relatively good cold working characteristics.

Cold Drawn Butt Welded Tube is the least expensive drawn tube. It is produced from electric resistance welded hollows. Drawn to o.d. and i.d. dimensions. Not intended for pressure applications.

Pipe Size Round Structural Steel Tubing is produced by the electric resistance welded process. Uncoated. Not pressure tested. This product is less expensive than regular pipe and has higher mechanical properties and a better finish.

Should you need a specific size, specification, or quantity for your project, contact Harbor Steel today to get a free estimate. At Harbor Steel, we’re committed to offering only the highest quality steel and metal products on the market. We stock our steel tubing in several sizes, as well as speciality sizes that may be difficult to find anywhere else.  For fast service and competitive prices,  Contact us to get a free estimate at the location nearest you.


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