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Saw Cutting

We can cut to length everything we carry in stock and more! Our various band saws are available to cut to your requirements, whether simply cutting a piece in half for handling or producing hundreds or thousands of close tolerance parts on one of our automatic feed machines. In addition, we have miter capabilities up to 30 degrees. Our largest saw will handle rectangular loads up to 28” x 32”.

Bandsaws dedicated to industrial metal-cutting use, such as for structural steel and for bar stock are available in many designs. Typical band speeds range from 40 feet (12 meters) per minute to 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) per minute, although specialized bandsaws are built for friction cutting of hard metals and run band speeds to 15,000 feet per minute. Metal-cutting bandsaws are usually equipped with brushes or brushwheels to prevent chips from becoming stuck in between the blade’s teeth. Systems which cool the blade with cutting fluid are also common equipment on metal-cutting bandsaws. The coolant washes away chips and keeps the blade cool and lubricated.

Horizontal band saws hold the work piece stationary while the blade swings down through the cut. This configuration is used to cut long materials such as pipe or bar stock to length. When the saw is set up for a cut, the operator raises the saw, positions the material to be cut underneath the blade, and then turns on the saw. The blade slowly descends into the material, cutting it as the band blade moves. When the cut is complete, a switch is tripped and the saw automatically turns off.